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 Sarung Tangan Listrik 25kv
 Sarung Tangan Listrik 25kv
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Specification of Sarung Tangan Listrik 25kv


Descriptions :

- Insulated gloves also known as high-voltage insulated gloves , is made of natural rubber, insulating rubber or latex by tabletting, molded, vulcanized or molded fingers dipped gloves, mainly for electrical work. (1) After the user purchased gloves, were found in the transport, storage during rain, moisture mildew, or other abnormal changes to the statutory testing agencies should be reviewed electrical performance test.

- It must be inflated before using the test and found that any damage can not be used.

- It should be set into the inner cylinder sleeves mouth to prevent accidents.

- Use, dirt should be cleaned inside and outside, to be dry, sprinkle talcum powder placed flat, to prevent pressure damage to them and do not put in the ground.

- Should be stored in dry and ventilated room temperature -15 to + 30 relative humidity 50-80% of the warehouse, away from heat, leaving the ground and walls 20 cm or more. Avoid being affected by acid, alkali, oil, corrosive substances affect not open place away from direct sunlight, do not put in the ground.

Specifications :

Dimension: Approximately 40cm(L)

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